Sheila Wild is a policy analyst, writer and poet.

Policy and corporate work

After a seven year stint in retail, Sheila Wild spent 27 years working for the Equal Opportunities Commission, where she was Director of Employment Policy. She led the Commission’s work on a wide range of gender equality issues, laying the ground for much of the successful partnership work with business, the voluntary sector and trade unions. In 2003 she won the Wainwright Trust Award for contributions to equality. Throughout this period she was the Commission’s main author, writing reports, policy papers, codes of practice and ‘how-to’guides. 

In 2007 Sheila Wild moved across to the newly created Equality and Human Rights’ Commission, where as well as leading on equal pay, she also led on age issues.

Sheila Wild has held corporate governance roles, having been a trustee for a small international charity and a member of a health regulatory board. She is an alumna of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference. 

Since leaving the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2011, Sheila Wild has been working as a freelance writer and equality consultant. She is the founder of EqualPayPortal the independent website aimed at helping people to understand equal pay and the gender pay gap. 

Freelance writing and poetry

As well as writing on equalities issues Sheila also writes on poetry, books, and local history.  

Sheila Wild’s poetry has appeared in number of journals and anthologies. Her debut collection equinox was published by Cinnamon Press in May 2016. 

You can read some of her work at SheilaWildPoetryBlogSpot .  

Sheila chairs the Elmet Trust, which promotes the life and work of the late Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes. She also chairs the Book Committee at Manchester’s historic Portico library, where she has helped to bring a programme of poetry to the Portico. 

You can read Sheila’s full CV here.

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