Sheila Wild has extensive experience in a wide range of gender equality issues, including older women, equal pay, the national minimum wage and part-time and flexible working. She was formerly an adviser to the Government on flexible working, and is frequently called upon to give evidence to parliamentary enquiries on equal pay.

In August 2012 Sheila Wild went live with EqualPayPortal, the independent website aimed at equipping people to understand and deal with equal pay issues. The site attracts interest from around the world.

“I have website envy – the EqualPayPortal is a model of clarity”  Dr Alison Parken, Project Director, WAVE

Sheila Wild has unique expertise in equal pay issues, having led on two codes of practice, authored the Equal Pay Task Force report Just Pay and commissioned much ground-breaking research. Sheila initiated the design and dissemination of much good equal pay practice, including the EOC’s Equal Pay Audit Kit, and a guide for small firms, which was endorsed by the British Chambers of Commerce.

As an independent consultant Sheila Wild offers strategic direction and advice on equal pay and gender pay gap issues. Her clients include both employer groups and people working to help women achieve equal pay. 

One of Sheila’s great qualities is to be able to provide a strategic and pragmatic steer on the whole question of equal pay. She is able to work with very distinct groups who hold strong opposing views.  She has always been able, in my opinion, to find a sensible solution to what are very difficult and sometimes intransigent positions.”  Ed Sweeney, Chair, Acas

Sheila Wild is the author of the CIPD guide to gender pay gap reporting and is currently a member of the team commissioned by the DHSC to examine the gender pay gap in medicine. 

You can contact Sheila Wild  here.

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