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Sheila Wild is a writer with many years’ experience of preparing articles, reports and ‘how to’ guides for a variety of audiences.  She was one of the main authors for both the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and has been freelancing since 2011. As a policy analyst she is adept at picking up on new and complex issues and presenting these to non-specialist audiences. 

Her writing is concise, elegant, and readable and she conveys complex information clearly and effectively.  Sheila Wild accepts commissions to write reports, policy documents, consultation responses, articles, letters, blogs, book reviews and fillers. She writes on a wide range of topics.  She has also blogged for The Guardian, the Oxford Human Rights Hub and the Women’s History Network.

You can contact Sheila Wild with your writing commissions here. Please specify the time-frame, subject matter, intended audience and an approximate word count.


equinox draft 2Sheila Wild has had poems, reviews and articles about poetry published in a range of journals.  Her collection Equinox  was published by Cinnamon Press in May 2016 


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